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The house reef of Ellaidhoo is globally known for its beauty amongst divers and thus, it is a true Eldorado for snorkellers. It does not matter if you put on a diving mask for the first time or if you are a traveled and experienced snorkeller – you will be astonished by the breathtaking beauty of our house reef! With a length of 1600 meters, the reef leads around the entire island.

The top reef is a gigantic coral garden with a depth of 1 – 3 meters. Huge table corals, cone corals, waver corals and raspberry corals are just a small variety of hard corals which shape the picturesque landscape. Between them, you will find leather corals, anemones, sea fans and feather stars. It is no surprise, that the affluence of fish and other sea inhabitants is so gigantic! You will float through schools of fish like fusiliers, angel and butterfly fish, mackerels, and parrot fish. You can observe turtles while they feed and be amazed about the immense variety of moray eels you can find.

The friendly and curious stingrays will surely accompany you for a while and you will frequently see big tunas, napoleons, eagle rays and sharks. Thanks to the exposed location of Ellaidhoo, there are sightings of whale sharks and manta rays in the channel close to the outside reef. Everything which makes a divers heart run faster, you can encounter as a snorkeller here as well. And it is so easy and safe to go snorkeling on our house reef. Marked entrance and exit points make the orientation and access very easy.

You can either let yourself drift with the current over the shallow top reef, or you can swim along the reef edge. Here you can look into the deep blue or have a peek under the countless overhangs and caves. Bring a T-shirt and high sun protection along to avoid a sun burn, because snorkeling along our housereef is addictive and time will fly.

Of course we also offer snorkeling trips per boat to the surrounding reefs!

Snorkeling equipment can be rented for a day or a week at the diving center.