Dive Center Hakuraa


Recreational | Snorkeling

Hakuraa Huraa is a small pristine island which resides in a huge colourful lagoon with a white sandy beach which extends the lenght of the island.

If you enjoy snorkeling this a real paradise underwater with an exceptional coral life. There is a snorkelling shuttle every morning and afternoon which will take you to the coral reef near the island which goes around the lagoon. An easy and quick way to go out and enjoy a relaxing experience.

There are weekly three snorkelling excursions to different reefs for a fulfilling experience to some of the best coral gardens and to give you variety. The hard coral life of Meemu Atoll is famous amongst maldives for its beauty with abandunt fish life and pelagic life such as sharks and stingrays. Turtles are a common sighting with many interesting things to point out and enjoy

We recommend all snorkellers to use proper sun protection and to wear a t-shirt because you will be spending loads of time in the irrestible waters around hakuraa huraa.