Dive Center Hakuraa


2 Tank Dive

Every morning, a 2-tank dive is on the program. The first dive takes us to the outside of the Meemu Atoll, where manta rays, sharks, Napoleon fish, tuna, and with a bit of luck whale sharks, can be admired all year round. The second dive will take place on a beautiful inner reef, where a magnificent variety of fish and colorful corals are waiting for you. If you take a closer look, you may also find small crustaceans and nudibranches. Meeting time is 8 am in the diving center and we will be back for lunch at around 12:30.


In the afternoon, a relaxed inner reef dive is on the program. Ideal for underwater photographers and connoisseurs, we go to spots with little or no current, where we often meet rarities like leaf scorpion fish (paperfish) or frog fish.


Our full-day tours are a special highlight. We will take you into the virtually untouched South Meemu Atoll. There are no resorts, and therefore no other diving centers, that go to these wonderful dive sites. Sometimes, we explore sites that are new to all of us; this spices the tour with a sense of exploration. Here we discovered manta rays, whale sharks, guitar sharks and dolphin schools. For lunch we will have a break on a sand bank, where we can enjoy the delicacies we brought along in a fantastic tropical atmosphere. Lunch and beverages are of course included in the price. Meeting place for this tour with 3 dives is at 7.30 am in the diving center and we will be back around 5.00 pm. Here are some examples of the dive sites we will visit:

Kurali Kandu: A very shallow channel with several cleaning stations for Manta Rays. Sharks and Napoleons are also usual sightings as an almost unbelievably large field of sand eels.

Dhithudi Beru: A spectacular outer reef, where whale shark sightings are a common thing. There is also a wonderful abundance of fish and macro-highlights, for example, leaf scorpion fish.

Maaveli Kandu: We only recently discovered this channel - diving on an unspoiled reef! Here we've already had the chance to encounter guitar-rays and dolphins.

Day & Night

Spectacular and popular - our Day & Night Tour.

Hakuraa Express is our top diving spot for shark and manta encounters. Just when the sun sets towards the horizont, often gray reef sharks frolic around here in schools of up to 30 animals. Also Mobula and eagle rays are common. On the top reef you can admire an incredible amount of schooling fish, and in the numerous coral blocks spiny lobsters and laced morays are hiding.

Ashaa Giri is an absolute highlight not only by day, but especially at night. Sleeping turtles are common, as well as free swimming and hunting moray eels. In the radiance of your lamp you will find squid, snails and many other colorful reef dwellers.

Early Morning

Hakuraa Express is actually a rewarding dive spot any time of day. But a dive at sunrise is an experience you should not miss. The nightlife is just about to go to rest, while under water a new day is awakening. Manta and gray shark encounters are very common at this time of the day. With a little luck, in the early morning hours you may even encounter hammerhead sharks, which during the day withdraw in deeper regions.

Departure 05:00 in the morning and return - with one dive - just in time for breakfast at 7:30 am. With two dives, we take lunch boxes and drinks (of course included in the price) along and are back at around 10.00 am.