Dive Center Kanifushi

The dive center Dive & Sail on Kanifushi has opened since December 2013 and is managed by Alfons Straub. An international team of diving instructors work here to offer memorable experiences in diving, a variety of dive courses and further diver training.

The base is located on the beach and a few meters from the main pier.

Here are all the premises that allow our guests a dive vacation in a class. An inviting lobby area, a shop, two air-conditioned classrooms, our small workshop shower and toilet are found here as well as our small workshop, the compressor room and of course the large and airy space equipment.

Our diving equipment consists of Aqualung & Scubapro BCD's, Scubapro regulators with octopus and pressure gauge, Cressi dive computers, 2.5 mm wetsuits (shorty’s), digital U / W cameras, underwater lights, masks, snorkels and fins as well as weight belts and weights.

Diving is carried out daily two boat dives; at 08:30 clock and at 14.30 clock. Even full-day excursions and night dives are offered regularly and in our weekly program.

The underwater landscape in Lhaviyani Atoll is marked by bizarre reef formations and incredibly species rich fish. We visit a wide range of dive sites; by sheer cliffs and channels to giris, our Manta cleaning station and the Shipyard, there is a great variety for everyone. The resort in the south of the atoll was opened in 2013 and it is not uncommon that we are usually the only divers in this area.

During the last year we have seasonal all the time watching Mantas. There were also unique encounters with groups of pilot whales, such rare marine animals that they make every diver's heart beat faster!



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2 Tank Dive

You will be diving through an enchanting underwater world. The overhangs in different depths are covered with white soft corals, which provide shelter for gigantic schools of fish.

Full Day Trips

Full Day

Ari Atoll is a very unique atoll in the Maldives known for its variety of possible dive sites and highlights either you are looking for beautiful soft coral gardens with amazing scenery or channel dives for big pelagic fish life. Since Ellaidhoo is in the middle of the atoll we have the possibility to cover the entirety of the atoll in many possible combinations. We frequent to the west and northern regions to cover beautiful dive sites known for soft corals and pelagic life as we combine different dive experiences. We depart after breakfast and onboard we take our lunch with us with soft drinks and water for you to enjoy all day.

Full Day – Whale Shark

South of Ari Atoll is one of the very few places in the world where you can sight whale sharks all year around and it’s within our reach to take you to show this magnificent animal in the wild. We make three dives on this trip to show you some of the best dive sites in South Ari atoll. Breakfast and take away lunch onboard and this is a specially catered trip for you to enjoy a great escapade whole day diving and snorkeling bathed in the blue Indian Ocean. Not to be missed experience that we recommend to all divers.

Dive sites

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Kani Caves

Eastern out reef of Kanifushi Island - 10 minutes boat drive

Flora & Fauna

The wall of this outreef is covered in healthy hardcorals. While descending we reach the fantastic big cave. Opening like a cathedral underwater, the roof of the cave starts at about 21 m, while the bottom reaches 28 m. The walls are covered in blue softcorals and gorgonias. Big groupers, napoleons and turtles rest in the cage. The light shining down at the edge of the cave gives you an spectacular view. Take a torch and explore the corners and the magical life inside the cave. You find little shrimps and sometimes nudibranches. Outside the cave big tunas and jack fish hunt the swarm of fusiliers, red tooth triggerfish and snappers, but also sharks and eagle rays are often seen. The shallower reefparts offer also some smaller overhangs to explore.


Because of the depth, the huge cave is just for advanced divers, but the reef offers multiple options to be a fantastic dive for everybody.

How to dive

Eastern out reef of Kanifushi Island - 10 minutes boat drive

Kani Medu Kandu

First channel north of Kanifushi, at 15 min navigation.

Flora & Fauna

In this divesite is quite easy to spot Honeycomb Morey eels bulging from the holes in the wall at medium depths.

If you look at the blue, you will be able to see tunas and batfish passing by, and you have good chance of running into a solitary Napoleon.

Approaching the sandy area at the corner of the reef, we can expect to see very large stingrays buried in the sand, eagle rays swimming slowly, and, near the edge of the channel, some rare Oceanic Triggerfish.

With the right current a very good place to spot some grey reef sharks!


The dive is suitable for everybody           

How to dive

First channel north of Kanifushi, at 15 min navigation.

Stein Caves

A big reef after the local island of Madivaru, about 50 min by boat, in the northern part of the atoll.

Flora & Fauna

The reef, a steep wall reaching more than 30 m depth, presents many caves of all shapes and sizes, and nice swimthrough, which you can explore one by one to find as many species of marine life as you wish. The wall is encrusted with sponges of all colors, in turn covered by bunches of soft corals of all sizes, tunicates, crinoids and colorful algae. Also hard corals present a wide variety of shapes and colors, many with visible tiny polyps beautifully open in the current. Schools of fusiliers, anthias, big surgeonfish, wrasses and butterflyfish dominate the barrier, while you will spot large stingrays and pufferfish resting inside the caves. Also look there for turtles, napoleons and stonefish! Facing the outside of the atoll, this dive offers good chance to see pelagic life passing by: reef sharks, eagle rays, barracudas, tunas.          


The dive is affordable by everybody. Beginners can enjoy the upper part of the wall, while more expert divers will explore the depths.

How to dive

A big reef after the local island of Madivaru, about 50 min by boat, in the northern part of the atoll.

Olhu Giri

Inside the Atoll, around 35 min. north-east direction away from Kanifushi

Flora & Fauna

The north side of this giri is a slope down to a sandy bottom on 25m. We have a lot of small overhangs with good chance to see sleeping nurse sharks or lobsters. sometimes they are hiding behind millions of glass fishes so it`s difficult to spot them. A lot of moray eels are under the rocks there let themselves clean from the cleanershrimp. The topreef is full of blocks with plenty mass of fish life.


Very easy and good for everybody.

How to dive

Inside the Atoll, around 35 min. north-east direction away from Kanifushi


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Scuba Review

Did you have a long break from diving?

Join our Scuba Review program to revise the basic theory and skills. We recommend the Scuba Review for all beginners and to any divers who have not dived more than one year.


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Water Sports | Watersport center

Our crystal blue lagoon is the perfect destination for water-sports. It is the ideal spot for windsurfing, Waterski, Wakeboarding, Jet ski and a lot more. Newcomers as well as more advanced sportsmen will get their money's worth. For those looking for a new athletic challenge, our catamarans, canoes as well as the stand up paddle boards will be a welcome variety.

In addition we also offer to improve your stay in paradise with excursions by speedboat, as a refreshing alternative to relaxing by the pool or beach.

Supervised by competent and experienced teachers, a location directly on the beach, as well as special equipment, the Water Sport Centre will be a guarantee for an unforgettable vacation.

We offer our guests of all ages a  lot of fun and a range of sensational water sports activities.

Whether you want to :


  • Waterski / Wakeboard
  • Canoe (single or double)
  • Jet ski
  • Pedal boat
  • Kneeboard
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
  • Fun Tube /Banana boat
  • Windsurfing
  • Catamaran

Big game Fishing:

If you fancy fishing out in the open ocean and get the chance to catch big fish such as tunas, barracudas or wahoo, this is the perfect excursion for you!


Private Speedboat excursion:

Enjoy a private family excursion by going snorkeling in beautiful reefs, swimming with mantas, watching dolphins, local or uninhabited islands excursion, sand bank excursion etc.

Our watersport staff will make your private trip unique and stress-free, giving you the best memories of an amazing holiday.

Watersport lessons:

Whether you want to learn, or progress from your current level, our facilities and instructors are at hand to offer you the best conditions for Windsurfing, kiteboarding, Catamaran and Waterskiing. We offer lessons from basic to advanced. It’s easier than you think, and our warm, crystal-clear waters provide the perfect setting for your introduction.