Tauchbasis Velifushi


2 Tank Dive

Du betauchst eine zauberhafte Märchenwelt. Die Überhänge in unterschiedlichen Tiefen sind über und über mit weissen Weichkorallen bewachsen und beherbergen riesige Fischschwärme.

1 Tank Dive

Eine kunterbunte Unterwasserlandschaft mit toll bewachsenen, bizarr geformten Blöcken. Das Riff ist sehr reich an allen Arten von Rifffischen und zerklüftet mit Spalten und Canyons, die mit Weichkorallen in allen Farben überzogen sind.

Full Day Trips

Full Day

Ari Atoll is a very unique atoll in the Maldives known for its variety of possible dive sites and highlights either you are looking for beautiful soft coral gardens with amazing scenery or channel dives for big pelagic fish life. Since Ellaidhoo is in the middle of the atoll we have the possibility to cover the entirety of the atoll in many possible combinations. We frequent to the west and northern regions to cover beautiful dive sites known for soft corals and pelagic life as we combine different dive experiences. We depart after breakfast and onboard we take our lunch with us with soft drinks and water for you to enjoy all day.

Full Day – Whale Shark

South of Ari Atoll is one of the very few places in the world where you can sight whale sharks all year around and it’s within our reach to take you to show this magnificent animal in the wild. We make three dives on this trip to show you some of the best dive sites in South Ari atoll. Breakfast and take away lunch onboard and this is a specially catered trip for you to enjoy a great escapade whole day diving and snorkeling bathed in the blue Indian Ocean. Not to be missed experience that we recommend to all divers.

Day & Night

Day & Night

This is a two dive trip where we depart at 1500hrs, first dive is during the day and the second dive is a night dive. First dive is at Hafza Thila where large grey reef sharks frequent often along with large fish schools. The reef formation is very interesting with amazing black coral formations which harbor a lot of life. Second dive is at Maya Thila by night and you can see white tip reef sharks hunting as well as stingrays and sleeping turtles. Truly a unique experience for a night dive as sharks and stingrays come really close as well as large moray eels. These are two dives with nonstop action and fun. We will be back on the island for dinner.

Early Morning

Early morning

In Ellaidhoo we organize early morning two tank trips to explore the vast number of dive sites around Ari Atoll. We travel to the south and west side of the atoll for the best highlights in the region for the best conditions in the time. This trip is known for dive sites with amazing scenery and soft corals with chances to see pelagic ocean life.

Early Morning – MANTA TRIP

Ellaidhoo is in situated in the middle of Ari Atoll in a very strategic location that we have the possibility to dive with Mantas all year around. We frequent to the Manta cleaning stations located on the western side of the atoll as well southern regions depending on the time of the year. This is a trip not to be missed for true Maldivian diving experience.

We will have breakfast onboard as we watch the sunrise over the Indian Ocean.


Early Morning – HAMMERHEAD

Rasdhoo Atoll is situated not far from Ellaidhoo giving us the best possibility to see Hammerheads which frequent here early morning. This is a trip that is organized all year around with the correct conditions. This is a two tank trip where we focus on the hammerheads on the first dive and the second dive is in the channel of Rasdhoo which is a top dive site for large oceanic sharks and rays. Recommended for experienced divers as this is a unique dive that is a great experience to take with you.